Midwest Trial Resources

Midwest offers a variety of technology resources for the courtroom setting which are customized to match the client’s expectations and knowledge base.


  • Through the use of Midwest Legal & eData Services, Inc. and Midwest Imaging, establish efficiencies and protocol for data collection and analysis throughout the Discovery process.
  • Elements such as Bates Numbering protocol; privilege and confidential designations; deposition exhibit naming and tracking will be uniformly set.

Electronic Exhibit Preparation

  • Coordinate multiple media types to optimize preparation of trial exhibits
  • Courtroom Installation
  • Coordinate equipment logistics with court officials.
  • Provide trial presentation PC with required software and hardware.
  • Manage courtroom equipment installation and quality control.

Trial Presentation

  • Familiarize counsel and witnesses to scope and capabilities of equipment.
  • Provide or supplement technical support for presentation systems and technology.
  • Provide assistance with presenting electronic and demonstrative evidence using the latest technology.

Our customers say it best...

Thanks Karen for a job well done! I could never have done this trial without your help and Midwest Legal & eData! Thanks again.
T'Anne Samson-- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

trial director

If you are looking for a leader in the trial presentation industry – consider Trial Director. Midwest has the only certified trainers in the State of Wisconsin – and Shawn R. Olley. As a reseller, Midwest is in a position to present the product to you for in-house purchase, or you may hire Midwest to guide you through the use of the product in Trial. The best of both worlds is provided with a local contact – familiar with the court systems in Wisconsin, and trainers that have been certified by successfully completing the formal training and testing process.

In-house demos are available, as is a per hour charge to handle Trial Presentation materials in court.