Data Collections

DATA COLLECTIONSAvoid the pitfalls of spoliation by partnering with the Midwest Legal & eData Forensic Team.

Choose Safecopy Data Collection or Forensic Imaging & Analysis services to meet your case criteria.

Safecopy Data Collection

This service provides defensibly captured electronic documents that can be directly imported into a database. This process is used to capture known documents, and e-mail currently on a clients system to review for relevance and privilege all while protecting the chain of custody.

  • Metadata is preserved.
  • Process is court defensible.
  • E-mail is completely broken down
    • (To, From, Dates/times, Body text).
  • Documents are immediately fully searchable without OCR processing.
  • Documents are organized into one database.
  • Collection can often occur with minimal business or custodial interruption.

Select the services that you need: remote or onsite consultation, onsite data collection, creation of a non-forensic report of the data that is collected.

Forensic Imaging & Analysis

Do you need Forensics? Yes if you have a...

  • Need for capturing deleted data.
  • Need to establish user behavior (stolen documents, internet misuse).
  • Need for complete preservation for possible unseen issues.

Every bit of information is available and preserved including: deleted files, detailed Metadata, hidden files, fragmented files, password protected files, and encrypted files.

Analysis is done in forensic database designed to organize documents for searching.

Every bit of information is indexed for reliable searching.