Midwest Legal & eData Services Testimonials

Harmon Law Office

"I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge Midwest Legal, and Joan Durr in particular, for the excellent support provided to me in connection with my contract work for Johnson Controls over the past 10+ years. The great effort of Joan and the other paralegals over the 10-year period made my job much easier. It also was a significant factor in achieving the overall excellent results provided to Johnson Controls relative to its general liability insurance claim program over the period."

Gerald R. Harmon - Attorrney at Law

Rymes Propane & Oils, Inc. logo
"Midwest has played a pivotal role in managing the terabytes of data that have been harvested in our case. The consultation we received on best practices directed the process so that the budget was spent in a beneficial way. Rick Stieghorst provided invaluable insights throughout the process and provided clear and concise expert testimony at a critical stage. Midwest’s ediscovery experts have a unique skill set that integrates a complicated knowledge of technology with a basic understanding of cost/benefit economics. We would highly recommend this team of professionals to handle any litigation support need."

Jim and Carol Rymes, Owners of Rymes Propane & Oils, New Hampshire. Rymes Propane & Oils, Inc.

johnson outdoors
"Johnson Outdoors has partnered with Midwest Legal & eData Services over many years and with great success. Midwest supports us with project work as well as ongoing responsibility matters and they are consistently professional, reliable and diligent. For our business model, it makes sense for us to outsource recurring as well as isolated projects because Midwest is better positioned to deploy current best practices than any internal capability we could develop. Their service-oriented, proactive focus also means that our internal clients are delighted with their work. We rely on Midwest to help us achieve our legal department objectives on a cost effective, efficient basis, to get it right and to add value."

Alisa Swire - Vice President and General Counsel
Johnson Outdoors Inc.

Johnson Controls logo
"Johnson Controls uses Midwest Legal & eData Services, Inc. to assist in the systematic handling of high volume casualty claims. We are pleased by their capabilities in this area and find their process-oriented attention to the effectiveness and efficiency of their claims handling to be a point of strength that results in a cost effective solution for us."

Ted Jankowski, Esq. - Director of Corporate Legal Services
Rich Young, Esq. - Director of Legal Product Safety Compliance
- Johnson Controls, Inc. Milwaukee, WI

Hinsaw & Culbertson LLP
"I am glad to pay this bill! Ron, Rollie & Robin made me feel like I was their only client, the turnarounds and quality was great. They made my life a whole lot easier. Thanks."

Larry R. Driscoll - Office Manager - Hinsaw & Culbertson LLP

Fitzgerald Law Firm, S.C.

"Midwest Legal & eData is the only place I shop when I’m looking for paper and electronic data processing. They are uniformly cheaper, faster and easier to work with than anyone else I’ve used. Their staff consists of real-world people who can get you real information in minutes, and they do so as a matter of course."

JoLynn Blei
- Fitzgerald Law Firm, S.C.

Pedersen & Houpt
“Shawn Olley’s retention of Clients and business is directly attributable to the fine work that she and her Company does with reliable efficiency. Shawn understands the ethical constraints to which the lawyers with which she works are held, and applies those same high standards to her services.”

Mary C. Muehlstein, Partner - Pedersen & Houpt, Chicago, IL

Old World Industries, Inc.
“Midwest filled EXACTLY the need we had. We had no commitment to them past our immediate need and we knew the personnel supplied would be well-equipped to do the job. It was a very positive experience!”

Dan Leep, General Counsel - Old World Industries, Inc. Northbrook, IL
Midwest kept Old World Industries Intellectual Property and Corporate Departments running smoothly while they searched for a full-time hire.